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  Brass Coated Wire (Hose Wire) /Copper Clad Steel Wire  

Brass Coated Wire , also called hose reinforcement steel wire is mainly used for the framework and buildup of high pressure rubber hose, for it has high intensity and good flexibility, and meanwhile the brass coating and rubber provides good conglutinating property.

At present, the company mainly produces hose reinforcement steel wire of 0.30mm, and also produces large strengthened steel wire for rubber hose of 0.4mm-1.8m according to customers'requirements. The production is carried out in line with GB11182-89 Standard, the tensile strength of steel wire is classified as three grades: 2150,2450,2750N/mm2, the torsion value is more than 50 times, and knotting strength is more than 58%. The copper content of the brass coating of steel wire is(68+-4)%, the weight of brass coating is heavier than 3.0g/kg. The steel wire has good line shape, the natural winding diameter is no less than 120mm, and the vertical distance from the cutting point to the cross section should be no more than 50mm.

Our Company adopts production line and technology of international advanced level, and our products can sufficiently meet the needs of users



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